The perfection of birth

“It’s important to realize that birth isn’t ever perfect, ever, ever, ever.” From our interview with Tami Kent.

New Campaign Perks are Here!

We are 2 weeks into our Indiegogo fundraising campaign, and hope to get others as excited as we are to get funding for this book!  We have added new perks, including a custom lullaby by a music therapist, Beth Rousseau, who is a HBC mama herself.  She will create a personalized lullaby for your own…


A quote from Tami Kent, author of Wild Feminine, that she shared during our interview: It’s important for women to recognize that even though it happened and it feels like it happened to us, our healing is our responsibility.

Indiegogo Fundraising-Still Going Strong!

We reached our 1 week mark on fundraising, which means we have a mere 29 days to raise almost $23,000 to complete this book!  Please share our work with your friends, family and birth workers, and mamas groups in your community!  Check out our campaign at http://igg.me/p/300723/x/1971652. And to all of you generous people who have…

Homebirth Cesarean

What is this book writing process like as a working mama? More than learning about others, this process of working on this HBC book has been a journey in learning more about myself and how I work.  It’s funny, when people ask me what I do for a living, I steadfastly maintain that I am…

Talking about cesarean and trauma prenatally

Ingrid Anderson, owner of Community Midwives in Madison, Wisconsin talked with us about how she prepares families for the unexpected: Prenatally, most of women are wondering why I gave information to them about birth trauma. They think,  “I’m not gonna have depression, I’m not gonna have a traumatic birth”.  But that’s part of my preventive…

Because a healthy baby isn’t all that matters

I love this quote from an interview with an HBC mom: Of course we’re all grateful we have a healthy baby, that’s why we make babies, because we want to raise them. No one needs to be told they should be grateful for that. That’s just stupid.

Homebirth Cesarean Fundraising Campaign Announcement

Dear Homebirth Cesarean Community, As we conclude our interviews with nearly 100 HBC moms, partners, midwives, birth experts, therapists, obstetricians, and care providers, we are looking forward to beginning the exciting work of synthesizing the information we have gleaned from all of you! The next phase will involve follow-up interviews and writing the content of…

Stories are power and knowledge

Since 2011, we have interviewed more than 100 HBC moms, midwives, partners, birth educators, counselors and experts in an effort to bring HBC births into the light. Our goal is to give voice to HBC mothers, and to support the midwives, partners and advocates who accompany them on their journeys. Some mothers speak of loss….

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