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To purchase a set, select your design, word, and quote in the PayPal form below. Each set is available for $7.00 USD, including domestic shipping.

If the set is a gift, include the name of the recipient in addition to that person’s shipping address in the “special instructions to seller” field. Please allow for slight variation in actual color of each set. Your order will ship in 2 weeks.

Quotes options for bookmarksOption 1: Dear Scar,And when it could do no more, it learned, by God, it learned there may be endless ways to open. Written by Sage Cohen, mother of Theo (2008, HBC); Oregon From the poem Dear Scar,

Option 2: Staples This is where the earth opened, where you lifted out. Written by Dave Jarecki, husband of Courtney, father of Lazadae (2011, HBC); Oregon From the poem Staples Option 3: Untitled She lay down her ego, she lay down her pride, she poured her tears on the earth. And she cut a hole in her own flesh to do what all mothers do- that which must be done. Written by Ann Jamison, mother of Desmond (2011, HBC); Wisconsin From the poem Untitled

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