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Hello Community,

I’m sharing this message from me (Courtney) ¬†and on behalf of HBCI’s Board of Directors.

Friends and Supporters of HBCI,

We regretfully inform you that Homebirth Cesarean International (the nonprofit) has made the difficult decision to dissolve. We have made this choice after much deliberation and wholeheartedly feel that we cannot continue as a nonprofit organization to meet the needs of the community.

Several factors influenced this decision. As many of you know, in June, Courtney Jarecki, co-founder and executive director of HBCI, announced her intention to resign from managing the organization. She also shared with the board of directors her immediate plan that she would continue running the workshops and retreats but facilitate them on a for-profit basis.

Since that meeting in June the board has spent much time as to what direction would be best to continue HBCI’s mission. Due to time constraints and conflicts of interest between the Homebirth Cesarean events and Homebirth Cesarean International (the nonprofit), our board has had many resignations over the past few months. We no longer have the energy or funding necessary to sustain a nonprofit organization.

What does this mean for you?

The Homebirth Cesarean Instagram account and the Homebirth Cesarean Public Facebook page will be deleted, along with the HBCI newsletter email group. Upon dissolution, the homebirth cesarean webpage will reflect these changes.

The dissolution of the nonprofit will NOT affect the closed Homebirth Cesarean Facebook group.

We request that anyone with monetary claims against HBCI please email christine.torres@outlook.com within 120 days of this published announcement. In the email, please include details about the specific claim. Christine Torres, Board Member, will respond to your email within 7-10 business days. We invite any questions, concerns, or comments that you have to also be sent to christine.torres@outlook.com.

Thanks so much for your understanding,

Courtney Jarecki and HBCI’s Board of Directors