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Babes in arms are welcome.
This is a free group.

This group is not currently meeting. If you are interested in facilitating an HBC support group, please send us a note

See a list of local resources here.

What is a Homebirth Cesarean birth?

Homebirth Cesarean (HBC) is the name given to births that began as out-of-hospital dreams and ended in hospital operating rooms.

Am I the right fit for this group?

The group is for HBC mothers only and is closed to all actively practicing midwives and doulas, even if they experienced an HBC during their own birth. 

Homebirths or birth center births that end in hospital cesareans are often a difficult experience for a mother and her partner. This group offers private space to talk about, process and heal from your experience.

The range of emotions is wide and varied after an HBC birth. You may:
~ feel grateful that you and your baby are alive
~ be completely devastated that you lost your birthing dreams
~ have questions about your physical recovery
~ feel scared about your ability to have another home or birth center birth
~ need community resources for therapy, scar healing, parenting, breastfeeding
~ not even know what you need, but know that you need something

What is the HBC Peer Support group about?

This peer support group offers a sacred, healing, non-judgemental space for women who have been through an HBC birth and are having a difficult or traumatic time healing from it.

We offer a comfortable talking circle for women to tell their birth story, share their troubles or simply listen and observe from other women’s journeys. Sharing is not required to attend, a simple introduction is fine.

What is a meeting like?

The meeting begins at 1:30pm with settling in time, introductions and a brief rundown of group logistics.

The facilitator(s) begin the circle check-in and suggest a topic (listed above) in case anyone needs a jumping off point to begin sharing. During the circle check-in, each mama need only share her name and date of her HBC. If she feels comfortable she can talk about her birth story, what’s been on her mind since the birth or the last meeting, triggers, emotions, questions…nothing is off-limits.

During most meetings, the facilitator will lead the group in activities centered around healing. Activity examples correspond with the topic and can include practices like drawing, writing, deep breathing, or other relaxing and contemplative activities. Sharing is not required. 

The group closes with a moment of silence and the extinguishing of the candle at 3:30pm.

We understand that it takes time to process feelings around a difficult birth and sometimes you may not feel like sharing. That is perfectly fine. A simple hello and stating of your name is all that is required.

To maintain a level of fairness and security, we have adopted these guidelines for group attendees.

Do I have to commit?

Nope. Come once or come every month. You are welcome no matter what.

Local Resources

These resources are provided based on recommendations from HBC mamas in the Portland, Oregon area.

Postpartum Doulas

Individualized, in-home support for you and your family during the postpartum period after a Cesarean. These postpartum doulas have specific experience working with cesarean moms and babies.

Mothertree Birth Services 503.343.9911

ABC Doula Services 503.752.1691

Lactation Consultants

These Lactation Consultants are experienced in helping moms position and latch a baby while being aware of your incision. These women are also familiar in helping cesarean moms with low milk supply.

Meg Stalnaker Lactation Services

Luna Lactation
Melissa Cole

Tree of Life Breastfeeding Counseling
Emily Heldt (HBC mama and lactation consultant)

Milk Sharing

Sometimes cesarean moms have a low supply of milk. If you are interested in supplementing with another mother’s milk, these facebook pages are wonderful resources.

Modern Milksharing

Human Milk for Human Babies – Oregon

Eats on Feets – Oregon

Counseling Services & Postpartum Depression Support

Transitioning to motherhood and recovering from a cesarean can be physically, emotionally and mentally difficult. These therapists can help you through this transition. Some offer the first session free and sliding scales.

Brooke Noli

Gaby Donnell

Wendy Davis 

Tina Lilly 

Massage Therapists

These massage therapists are experienced in helping the post cesarean body heal.

Meigra Simon

Leah Hansen

Kelly Burke
Portland natural birth and bodywork

Mayan Abdominal Therapists

This form of external massage helps release physical and emotional congestion from the abdomen.

Trudy Zimmerly

Corrine Porterfield-Brown

Craniosacral Therapists

Gentle bodywork designed to release trauma stored in tissues and reset the body.

Carol Gray

Whole Mama ~ Whole Child

Chiropractic Care

Very helpful in healing the body and recovering from the epidural and surgery sites.

Clearwater Clinic – Dr. Bryan Baisinger

Jyoti Family Wellness Center – Amy Watson

Scar Healing & Mobility

Massage, laser, and therapeutic ultrasound are all beneficial to the proper healing of the incision and the nerves around the surgery site.

Clearwater Clinic – Dr. Bryan Baisinger

Jacque Roberts

Pelvic Floor Practitioners

Intervaginal massage to help restore the pelvic bowl after pregnancy and surgery. This is wonderful work for anyone after pregnancy, and especially appropriate for cesarean moms. Can help with painful sex, incontinence, scar tenderness or pain in the body.

Clearwater Clinic – Dr. Bryan Baisinger

Tami Kent

Kelly Burke
Portland natural birth and bodywork

Integrative Medicine

A holistic approach to healing from a cesarean. These care providers offer a wide range of healing modalities including acupuncture, breath work, homeopathic and herbal remedies.


Energetic Medicine

A gentle, non-invasive healing technique that works with your body’s energy to guide the healing process.

Trisha Michaels

Corrine Porterfield-Brown

Cesarean Support Groups


ICAN’s mission is to improve maternal-child health by preventing unnecessary cesareans through education, providing support for cesarean recovery, and promoting Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC). You can find local support groups from their website and join their Yahoo Group and facebook page.


Homebirth Cesarean

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