homebirth cesarean

In addition to HBCI’s outreach to HBC families and birth professionals, we have a robust history of promoting awareness about the homebirth cesarean experience.

Radio Shows

KPFT-FM, Houston, Whole Mother, Sunday, March 22, 2015

WSLR 96.5 Community Radio with Cheryl Kindred and Dana Myrl King, interviewed Courtney Jarecki about the HBC books and HBCI. March, 2015

Maternally Yours 

Speeches, Podcasts, and Videos

Maternally YoursWSLR 96.5 Community Radio with Cheryl Kindred and Dana Myrl King, interviewed Courtney Jarecki about the HBC books and HBCI. (March, 2015)

Whole Mother, KPFT 90.1 with Debbie Hull, featured a 30-minute interview about the books, HBCI, and IRB conversation. (March, 2015)

Progressive Parenting Radio with Gena Kirby interviewed Courtney Jarecki about HBCI, volunteers, programs, and both the homebirth cesarean books. (March, 2014)

Heathside Midwifery Study Group invited Courtney Jarecki, HBC author and co-founder, to speak about the Homebirth Cesarean experience for mothers and birth professionals. (March, 2014)

Progressive Parenting featured Courtney Jarecki about what parents planning a homebirth should consider, as well as what professionals should know about HBC. (July, 2013)

Oregon Midwifery Council invited Courtney to speak about her HBC to their 2011 Spring conference. In this speech, Courtney shares her birth story and the beginning of her HBC research. It is here that the HBC book dream is made public.


Author Nicola Hogg refers to the Homebirth Cesarean Facebook group in her wonderful book titled Healing The Pain of a Traumatic Birth Experience 


Birth, Breath, and Death reviewed both homebirth cesarean books along with a blurb about HBCI. (March, 2015)

Boston’s NPR news station reviewed the book “Homebirth Cesarean” and focused on the community and support created by HBCI. (March, 2015)

Bread & Roses promoted the support groups that HBCI provides and the book release of “Homebirth Cesarean” and “Healing from a Homebirth Cesarean.” (March, 2015)

BirthSwell featured two guest post by Courtney Jarecki featuring a case study about monitoring the closed HBC Facebook group. (February, 2014)

Momma Trauma, featured a live chat with Ann Jamison, co-founder of HBCI, about HBCI’s message, outreach and future plans. (December, 2013)

My Best Birth, Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein’s natural-birth site, featured HBCI in their
newsletter. (July, 2013)

MamaBirth, one of babble’s Top 25 pregnancy blogs in 2013, featured an interview with Courtney about Homebirth Cesarean. (July, 2013)

Momma Trauma, a highly acclaimed birth-trauma site, featured Homebirth Cesarean International. (July, 2013)

Anthro Doula posted an article about HBCI and the upcoming HBC book. (April, 2013)

Squat Birth Journal featured Ann Jamison’s HBC story and mentioned HBCI’s work. (Spring, 2013)

The Doula Guide featured HBCI twice in 2012, once to highlight the book project and a second time to spread the word about the book’s fundraising campaign. (November, 2012)

Giving Birth with Confidence, a support blog for women and their partners featured an interview with Courtney Jarecki about homebirth cesarean. (March, 2013)

The Portland Monthly, a print magazine published by SagaCity Media Inc, featured Courtney Jarecki’s HBC story and her work on this project. (December, 2012)