A Profound Healing

Pam England is the creator, author, midwife, and mother behind the Birthing From Within approach to birth and postpartum reparation. She is author of a book of the same name, first published in 1998. Pam is also a mother whose first birth was a planned homebirth that ended in a cesarean birth. Her birth experience…

Listening to HBC: Tina’s Story

Hello HBC readers! We’re pleased to bring you the first in a series of short interviews with birth professionals on what they’ve learned from the HBC Project. For our first Q&A, we sat down with Tina Lilly, co-founder of Yoga Way to Birth in Portland, OR. Tina is also a therapist in private practice specializing…

Jamie’s HBC Story

An HBC mama shares her story… I began pre-labor on a Friday night, a week before my due date, in my 39th week of pregnancy. Just a few weeks prior, my midwife, successfully and easily turned our baby from breech to head down [after weeks of trying to on my own with moxa and positional…

Marybeth, an HBC friend

We are thrilled with the contributions to the HBC campaign during these last few days. Keep spreading the word mamas! There are just 3 days left…… Meanwhile, enjoy a video of a dear friend of mine talking about the importance of this project (and yes, that’s my daughter in the background being very busy….) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfAZcunDudo…

Heather, a midwife, shares about the HBC project

Heather talks about the insight she has gained form being part of the Homebirth Cesarean project. “Birth is life, it’s not always what we expect, and you’ve shown me the beauty and strength that comes from experiencing this.” www.indiegogo.com/homebirthcesarean www.homebirthcesarean.com

HBC Grandmas

Dacey, an HBC Grandma, talks about her role in the postpartum time

Sue, a homebirth cesarean mama from Oregon

So what is the complete Homebirth Cesarean project all about? 1. It’s a book in progress 2. It’s an online support group with almost 800 members 3. It’s an in-person support group in Portland Sue talks about why this project is vital to her.

Alissa, an HBC mama

Alissa, an HBC mom from Oregon, speaks about her shock at needing to transport to the hospital for a cesarean and the feelings of disappointment around that. This video is a call to action to spread the word about the Homebirth Cesarean project and contribute to the Indiegogo campaign (www.indiegogo.com/homebirthcesarean)

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