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My hope is that this powerful book will be read by everyone who doesn’t want to read it. So many people, myself included, don’t know what to say or do after a homebirth cesarean, and the result is isolation and pain for all. By shining light on this subject, understanding can emerge for all of us.”—Gloria Lemay, Midwifery educator and Birth activist

Homebirth Cesarean: Stories and Support for Families and Healthcare Providers (Incisio Press, 2015, available through Amazon) began as a conversation between Courtney Jarecki, a mother who spiraled from her homebirth dream to the devastating reality of her cesarean birth, and Laurie Perron Mednick, the midwife who served her. Eight months after the birth, they discovered that the nature of their collaboration as mother and midwife granted them an opportunity to explore homebirth cesareans (or HBCs, a term Courtney coined) from both the client and birth-professional perspectives. Until now, no one has gathered and shared these stories, tools, and resources.

The term “homebirth cesarean” has only recently entered the birth world’s lexicon. Today the phrase, which refers to a planned out-of-hospital birth that ends in the hospital operating room, represents new understanding and healing pathways for mothers, families, and birth professionals. The book Homebirth Cesarean eloquently captures over 250 voices from mothers, partners, midwives, OB/GYNs, and mental health professionals about the physical, emotional, and psychological trauma associated with homebirth cesareans. World-renowned childbirth and postpartum experts, including Penny Simkin, Sarah Buckley, Pam England, Elizabeth Davis, Sister MorningStar, and Michel Odent, help set the stage for a new benchmark around conversations, tools, and shared healing before, during, and after a homebirth cesarean. These far-ranging conversations form the multidisciplinary foundation of Homebirth Cesarean.

Homebirth Cesarean aspires to bring deeper understanding to these unrecognized births, to celebrate the women and birth professionals transformed by them, and to give childbirth and postpartum professionals the tools they need to support families as they begin their parenting journeys. “This book is rich with the voices of brave women whose outcry of triumphant victory beyond shock and grief opens a door of authentic dialogue for those of us who care deeply about how Mothers and Babies are born. Read it. Keep it close. Share it. Join in finding your own voice leading to positive action that such a work inspires.” —Sister MorningStar, Certified Professional Midwife, author of The Power of Women  “My HBC book has been waiting patiently for me on my bookshelf while I tried to mentally prepare to read it. I just started it tonight—cracking the beautiful cover started the tears. I know it will take time to get through while keeping my emotional health in check but I just want to say to Courtney. Thank you from the deepest recesses of my heart. This book is so important on so many levels. Thank you so much for opening with your story and experience; in reading it I realized I had never related so much to a single other birth story or subsequent emotions and it acted to heal a bit further my still broken heart.” —Amanda (2012/HBC, 2014/RCS; Southern U.S.)

Healing From a Homebirth Cesarean: A companion workbook for mothers who planned an out-of-hospital birth that ended in the operating room (Incisio Press, 2015, Available through Amazon)“Three years out from my planned birth center birth that ended in cesarean and this workbook has been vital to my birth trauma recovery.”  —Sue (2011, HBC, Eastern U.S.)In concert with Homebirth Cesarean: Stories and Support for Families and Healthcare Providers, this companion workbook, Healing From a Homebirth Cesarean, adds a deeper level of understanding and exploration for mothers healing in the aftermath of a planned out-of-hospital birth that ended in the operating room. This workbook is a trusted and ideal companion for HBC mothers no matter where they are in their journey or how recently they experienced their HBC. Over six chapters, HBC mothers chart their course of self-paced healing with simple practices, creative exercises, and meditations. A powerful and safe exploration into healing after a difficult birth, this is an essential guide for women seeking their identity as a birth warrior and mother.
“An indispensable workbook for all mothers who want to heal from their planned home or birth center births that ended in hospital operating rooms. I keep this book on my shelf for all my clients to see.”
 —Kalen Philips, Certified Professional Midwife 

Book Pic Color WebCourtney Jarecki, Author of Homebirth Cesarean & Healing From a Homebirth Cesarean Courtney Key Jarecki has worked as a doula, childbirth educator, and a homebirth midwifery apprentice. After the birth of her daughter she began creating a new model of understanding for planned out-of-hospital births that end in cesareans, now known as homebirth cesareans (HBC), a term she coined.

She is the author of Homebirth Cesarean: Stories and Support for Families and Healthcare Providers and Healing from a Homebirth Cesarean (Incisio Press, 2015), books written for birth professionals and mothers.

Her vision is a future where women of her daughter’s generation will birth with knowledge, dignity, and power regardless of location. To help move this dream forward, she is the founder of the Homebirth Cesarean movement, a community of HBC mothers and birth professionals. 

Courtney’s visionary work in the birth world continues to expand through her facilitation of Homebirth Cesarean workshops for birth professionals and retreats for mothers throughout North America. She has been published in Midwifery Today and was a speaker at the MANA (Midwives Alliance of North America) conference in October, 2015. In balancing her writing, teaching, and leadership activities, she enjoys white wine, dark chocolate, and rich conversation. 

Claudia HBC Pic for Book siteClaudia Baskind, Guest Author Homebirth Cesarean My HBC journey began in 2009, when I gave birth to my son in the OR following days of labor. Born by cesarean myself, I had steeped myself in perinatal psychology, ancestral healing, and rebirthing work, and intended to manifest a homebirth. My HBC was devastating at the time, yet years later the gifts continue to unfurl and inform my work in the world: an unshakable belief in inherent healing capacities, passion for somatic recovery from trauma, the honor of witnessing my son orchestrate his own healing, and a widened gaze to see all birth as sacred so that I may be a better counselor, advocate and ally to parents and families. I contributed to Homebirth Cesarean to offer the genuine reassurances and practical strategies I wish I’d had when my child was born. Beyond writing, I have facilitated birth healing groups and been a breastfeeding peer educator. I earned my MFA from the Iowa Writers Workshop and now live in Oregon, where I lead Connected Parenting support groups and enjoy roughhousing with my family. I am grateful to all those who have shared their stories for this book. May this work foster an empowered reconsideration of children’s experiences, and may all receive beautiful healing.