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image“…I made my birth plan after a lot of thought, prayer, research, and many talks with Sterling and our midwife, Rebekah. I decided to labor at home and give my baby and body a chance. We were hopeful, but we also knew the risks, and I prepped a hospital bag.

After 30 hours of labor, the birth plan had to change. I hadn’t been able to sleep, or eat much of anything. Labor had been  progressing well until the night before going to the hospital. The contractions were really strong but had stopped getting stronger. I remember waking Sterling up multiple times that night, asking him to put warm water in the birthing pool again. I couldn’t blame him for sleeping; he had been up with me the whole night before and we were both exhausted. I was jealous though! I watched him snoozing away effortlessly, while I endured contraction after contraction, so tired that I actually “slept” for short moments in-between….”

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